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Substrato is referred to the substance of the object, its essence, its meaning and what sets it apart.


This is the reason why this is not just an exhibition of design projects, but is the story of the significance of the exhibited objects. The presented products reflect the everyday life and the environment in which we all live. Grounded and rooted to innovation from the point of view of the production or in the cognitive approach.


The exhibited products are the result of the Innovation Studio course, part of the Master degree in Product Service System Design, held at the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano. The exhibit has been commissioned by The National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo Da Vinci” of Milan.


The concept we developed for the exhibit was to show the essence of the product, something intangible that cannot be seen at first glance. The aim was to make tangible the subtract that create the fundamentals of today’s design providing a journey from the macro scale to the micro scale relating it to the passage from past industry to future industry.

The interiors have been designed for providing an explanation of the different levels on which the designed has acted in the history. We have shown a passing through a heavy production in which designer just provided technical and aesthetic qualities, to a nowadays strategic actor inside the industry transferring the value of the product from a physical one to a matter of values for the society.

It ends with an external projection, realized with the help of a biotechnology company, about the new frontiers of designer thanks to the use of synthetic biology. In fact, he can decide for the intrinsic properties of an object changing its inner fundamental elements and act from the inside of a product.

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