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The project was made for a design competition held by Hanergy.the brief was to design a new possible application for Hanergy's thinnest photovoltaic film. I have designed a system that involves many different stakeholders. First of all pigeons.


The project aims to develop a bigger awareness in the user. Especially nowadays people are very sensitive about the quality of the food they eat and its provenience. The same thing happens for different products. no one though investigate where the energy we consume comes from. Everybody takes for granted the energy we use in our daily lives.


The service I created is based on the energy home pigeons can collect every day by simply flying around as they would normally do. The pigeons actually wearing a solar backpack can collect solar energy that they will release through induction at the end of every day at the Hanergy farm.


When subscribes to the service, the user equip a pigeon that will collect energy for him. The energy collected will be used to grow vegetables in a hydroponic farm.


Throughout the use of an application the user knows the the data related to his pigeon and the quantity of vegetables produced thanks to it.


In this way the user makes sure that what he consumes is local food produced with local clean energy and developing awareness on the quantity of energy needed to grow vegetables.

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