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Makers Unite


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Sharing values, connecting knowledge and building strong relationships is the core of Makers Unite as a social enterprise that mutually benefits newcomers and locals.


Stories are shared and relationships are built by making together.

Starting in Amsterdam and Athens, our collaboration allows identifying talents of locals and newcomers. Applying co-design tools, Makers Unite unfolds the discovery of individual talents. When connected to the growing community of Makers Unite our shared purpose leads to social inclusion.


Makers unite in a concrete and virtual platform. The aim of the project is to connect locals and refugees to co-design together products. The main goal is to generate future business ideas and networks. Networks that can help the refugees to integrate into our local communities and find their own way in Europe.

Makers Unite connects people to co-create inclusive and shared communities. With locals and newcomers, we design meaningful sustainable products re-using life vests collected on Greek shores.



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