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Outdoor mobility is necessary for making use of neighborhood facilities, and participation in meaningful social, cultural, and physical activities. Mobility also promotes healthy aging as it relates to the basic human need for physical movement.


Elderly people desire to maintain their proper independence and give trust mainly to relatives. On the other side, sons and daughters are worried about the health of their parents and are scared about what can happen to them in a dangerous environment like the streets of a big city.


Evenu is a smart band that translates digital navigation into analogical inputs. It fairly allows elderly people to meet technology in their daily urban commuting.


The app provides the safest path for the considered target of people.

We avoid congested streets, streets with no shops where nobody can provide first help, and the path with too many crosswalks. We did it building an algorithm which catches the information from Google Maps API and find the best solution, for example we analyze the actual traffic and the alternance of even and odd civic number to calculate the existence of a street to cross.


The app can be managed by sons, daughters and grandchildren. We thought the system family is the safest one, and that the senior exposes himself only for the trust he has for a person who follows him everywhere. During our interviews we also understood that sons are really worried about what can happen to parents when going outside, they give them a smartphone and constantly call them but the technology accessibility problem make it difficult to totally exploit the potenciality a smartphone can have.

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