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Take care of the plant, the plant will take care of you.


In a world of concrete where the artifacts are relentlessly overhanging the natural elements, Coera epitomizes the restoration of the human and natural kingdom interactions.

This vessel, made from 100% natural resin – produced by designer Carmine Deganello and Pietrasanta Industries- is the voice of nature.


Made by an Arduino, a few essential electronic components (humidity sensor connected directly to the plant) positioned within the vessel, and a code developed ad hoc. Together they allow the plant to show its feelings after a gentle human touch, through a colored LED. After touching the plant, the vessel will turn on as a sign of our presence in its life. This translates the flow of vital energy into the flow of the electronic energy. The light varies depending on the needs of the plant. It turns blue if the soil is moist and perfectly accurate for the plant. It becomes red if it’s too dry, and green if the soil is too wet.

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This educational project increases our awareness that natural systems, whose existence is so obvious for us, are alive and reminds us that they must be unconditionally respected and, furthermore, appreciated. Our role as designers is to facilitate, through everyday life objects, a reflection throughout the context we live into.


We changed the meaning of the vessel from a static and merely decorative object to a new experience relating for the first time the container and the contained through the use of the light. It transforms it from a mere support to a direct transmitter of plant’s thoughts in an understandable codified language.

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