negative white logo, with transparences



grid systeme
Business tiket, letter

There are two different version of the logo: one extended and a synthesis.


The extended version of  Chartreuse was thought to be seen and to make think, to surprise the observer and to have different levels of interpretation, meaning and understanding.

The other version of the logo can be used in different circumstances.

Businesstiket mockup
I mac mockup of the website
Short version of the logo chartreuse
Animated mockup for a t-shirt chartreuse.
extended logo of chartreuse
grid systeme

Rebranding of Chartreuse


The logo is adapting its design to the situation. Its structure is vertical to symbolize a building site, which is growing up from the basis to the top, from the beginning to the end (exactly as the company is working on each of its projects).


The logo is two-dimensional but extend itself in a three-dimensional structure with the connections between the letters. This represents also the different aspects of the company and the relations between them.


The naming comes from a color called "chartreuse" and in this word there are three other important one: art, use, and re-use.




animated mockup chartreuse

Chartreuse website

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