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Brave Kids


Future concept store for Diesel Kid

(0 - 16 years old) in shopping malls in China in 25 years.


The concept of this project was to transmit Diesel's value of "Brave Kid" through a game that permits people to try Diesel clothes and to immerse themselves into the mood of the collection proposed.


I did't simply designed a shop but I have developed a system to capture the information coming from the user through a game. Children can play the videogame inside the shop and the software collects information from the player to propose his tastes to the e-commerce. From the Diesel side, the brand can impose the values and the trends of its new collections and influence the tastes of the players.



The user tries the Diesel clothes through the game and can taste their style in their context. Moreover the custumer feels part of the Diesel world also by following the preparation process that includes a 3d body scanning and the creation of an avatar.

Thanks to a serie of activities, trainings and different game modes (in and out of the shop), the user will be constantly involved in the second life proposed by Diesel.


"The user will dress his avatar up with the same clothes he will want to wear in the real life."


The Brave Kids videogame it is not only a way to represent Diesel scenario. It is actually an educative creative world where everyone has his space to be a programmer and therefore to face the reality proposed in complete freedom. An explicative example of similar type of game can be represented by MineCraft.


Teenagers are the most powerful Diesel Kid custumers and they are not involved enought in the shop. Teenagers can be the Diesel trend setters. They are the most connected and shaped by their peers. Their pairs and younger kids will follow them in their choices. This is the reason the space designed is targeted to teenagers.


The Chinese context is very promising about this category of customers. Videogames are a huge phenomenon in China and the majority of the teens are programmers and have a second life behinde the screen. Furthermore Chinese parents in general tend to manipulate their son's decisions depriving them of their freedom. The videogame of Brave Kids gives them the possibility to create and express their person in an easier way since an early age.


Since the fitting of the clothes happens virtually there is no need to store them in the shop. The purchase happens through the Diesel e-commerce helped and guided by the data collected during the game by the player.

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