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I am a service and interaction designer.

My work, at the moment focuses on design research and services development.

Sono un interaction e service designer. Il mio lavoro in questo momento รจ incentrato sulla ricerca e  sviluppo di Servizi.



I am currently doing an internship as interaction designer at IDEO and concluding a master in Service Design, at Politecnico di Milano (PSSD-product service system design).


I have a background in Visual Communication  and more then three years working

experience between Paris, Madrid and Toronto.


My work focuses on social issues and interaction between humans and surroundings.

I believe in human centered design  facilitating daily actions and changing habits to build a different future.


Parallel to the master I am founder and researcher at Oltrezoom, a project that focuses on a new approach of design, developing speculative and

 provocative concepts.


I am available for freelance or

 full time work.


E-mail me and I would be happy to give you more information if you are interested.

thank you to stopping by, let's talk!





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